Ever thought of trying comedy? Don't know where to start? Don't worry! 

JOKES, ON YOU is an interactive and engaging stand up comedy show at Voodoo Comedy (Denver, Colorado) where you

knock down your fear and perform your own comedy routine. And guess what? You won't be alone. Veterans comedians seen on stages all over, or on Comedy Central will be there to have a mini coaching session with you. 

email jokesonyoucomedyshow@gmail.com for more information or to reserve your spot! 


Head to www.Voodoocomedy.com for updated show dates and times! 


"This show is something else! The format with seasoned comics doing funny sets then working with newbies to do just as funny sets with some improv in between is great. This show has it all! Great host too. The show was my first time doing stand up and having that seasoned comic work with you was AMAZING.

Best way to get up and do your first stand up experience hands down! I can' recommend it enough.”

-Jason McCall, new comedian

“On July 11th, I got to try my first time at standup. It was because of Jokes, On You. Cant recommend highly enough!”

-Andy Glazer, new comedian (waited 40 years to get on stage) 

“This show was so funny and sweet. They start with comedy from pros, then those stand ups get pull a name out of the bucket of fans who've never done stand up, they go out and work with them to make 3 minute stand up sets, in the meantime a fun improv group performs, then the rookies come back and tell jokes. It was so much fun, one of the guys who went up was living out a childhood dream to do stand up, it was funny and magic to watch that. It was really neat to witness.”

-Josh Nicols, Voodoo Comedy Creative Director/Owner and improv guru

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